✈️ We’re ready to welcome you to «PASSPORT TO IRELAND» 2024

Presentamos la edición «Passport To Ireland» 2024. Por ello, os convocamos a la sesión informativa en la que podremos compartir impresiones y resolver dudas respecto a cada una de las modalidades.  REUNIÓN: a través de Google Meet (inscripción previa) FECHA: jueves 18 de enero de 2024 HORA: 19.00 a 20.00

🇮🇪 Studying English in Ireland. Does «Where» matter?

IT DOES MATTER … WHY IRELAND? Convergence with Europe Well connected country Friendly and welcoming people Culture immersion Tradition Spectacular scenery National Parks and wildlife IT DOES MATTER, AND IF YOU COME WITH PASSPORT … EVEN BETTER Cambridge Exam preparation (Listening and Speaking) Immersion activities with Irish students Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Theatre, Karaoke Teddy’s, Fish&Chips, Cinema, […]

📖 Cambridge exam preparation

Cambridge Exam preparation: working on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in our classes. Congratulations to all our students!!

💚 Passport To Ireland

💚 Passport To Ireland S1 and S2 (intensive summer courses) Thank you everyone for these amazing experiences in Dublin! We look forward to welcoming you in our next programmes! https://passportdublin.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Pass_19_Facebook.mp4

Montearagón School

Hard working students, magnificent people.  Thank you so much, Montearagón!